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The Joyful Mourning - A Podcast for Women Who Have Experienced Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Nov 25, 2021

To my grieving friends on this Thanksgiving Day. 

I wish I could pull up a chair beside you and sit with you in person. To give you a look of understanding when someone you love says a hurtful thing or squeeze your hand under the table to remind you that you aren’t alone. Or cover for you when you need to hide away for a bit. To tangibly remind you that you're not alone.

Even if I can’t be there with you in person, I want you to know that you are loved today and not alone. I thought you might need to hear from someone who understands first hand how hard today really is, so I wrote you a short letter and wanted to read it to you.

today is hard. And that’s ok. 

I know how seemingly impossible it feels to be thankful and how the idea of celebrating feels like a contradiction and how maybe the only emotion you are experiencing is rage. 

And I know how all of that makes you feel guilty and full of shame.

This is me, a mama who has been there, telling you it is hard. Holidays are hard. And feeling grateful when your heart is broken and your arms are empty -- when a life is missing -- is really, really hard.