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The Joyful Mourning - A Podcast for Women Who Have Experienced Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Oct 14, 2021

Listen in as I spend time with Kristyn Szala and ask her all kinds of questions about her motherhood journey. Kristyn has experienced infertility, journeyed through ivf, experienced a miscarriage with one of her twins and then would go on to experience a life-limiting diagnosis for her son Asher.

During our time together Kristyn talks honestly about her experience with IVF and what it was like to lose a twin in the first trimester of pregnancy -- she shares what it was like to grieve that loss, the unique challenges it held and what advice she would give to a woman in that situation.

We go on to talk about what it was like to receive a life-limiting diagnosis for her son Asher -- what she wishes she had known, what she learned and what she would have done differently. Kristyn said that immediately after hearing the news she canceled everything, her maternity photos, her baby shower, everything. But then after thinking about it for a few days she decided this baby and this pregnancy was worth celebrating.

She said she asked herself: “how do I want this pregnancy to be? I want it to be full of joy.” This part of our conversation was really beautiful and I absolutely love the idea her friend did for her in the way of a Baby Blessing -- you’ll have to listen to hear exactly what I’m talking about.

We talked about a few specific tactics that were helpful to her in navigating life after loss as well as a major career change she made a few years following her son Asher’s death.

The last thing we talk about very candidly and tenderly is the reality that Kristyn is unable to have more children and what it’s like to navigate losing your youngest child -- if that is your reality too, I am sure that what Kristyn has to say about this will remind you that you are not alone.



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